Interview with Haldex VP R&D Sebastian Quick

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LANDSKRONA, Sweden – Haldex recently posted a short interview with Sebastian Quick, the company’s vice president of research & development. The following is excerpted from the “10 questions to Sebastian Quick:

Hi, my name is Sebastian Quick. My formal title is VP of R&D at Landskrona, Sweden. I am responsible for product development of foundation brake products in Europe. That means air disc brakes, brake adjusters and actuators. I have a team of about 30 co-workers.

The best thing about my job is

Diversity. I can work with customers, which I personally enjoy. I also work with a very competent team, making them grow, and making us as an organization deliver on expectations. The third aspect is technology development, both in existing and new technology. Fourth is exploring commercial opportunities and finding ways of doing business that are good for Haldex and its customer base.

How long I’ve been at Haldex, and my favorite work memory

I originally joined Haldex in 2001, in what was then the Traction division, which was divested to a different company. I joined Haldex brake products in 2016. I have four favourite memories. The first is a test drive of a Unimog offroad truck in Germany. That was at the beginning of the process to develop its truck brake, and the target of Daimler was to give us a feel of what the need was and what the vehicle is subjected to. It was my first time in a Unimog, and those forces were quite challenging. That was exciting. The second memory was starting production of that brake. It was the first production of a truck brake version of the ModulT platform, which has been until then only for trailers. The third memory was installing an EMB prototype on a European truck manufacturer prototype, which started up with relatively few issues and problems. As the first real customer installation and delivery of the EMB system, in autumn 2019, that was another company milestone. The fourth memory was an India workshop, my second in my previous role as global projects director. We went to the Haldex India site in Pune, outside Mumbai, for a workshop, and then as a team-building exercise, we climbed a fortress outside Pune that was several hundred metres high. That was a challenging climb with a spectacular view. It was very hands-on.

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At work, the person I most look up to is

I look up to colleagues that show loyalty, dedication and don’t take ‘no’ for an answer. They include not only the staff I manage but also the Landskrona plant manager Philip Andersson; senior commercial product manager Charlotte Wall; and my sourcing colleague David Ekström that sits in Sweden, for example.

To view the entire interview, click HERE.

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