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Source: Honda announcement

TORRANCE, Calif. — Honda’s popular range of practical-but-fun, mid-displacement parallel-twin “CB/R” motorcycles – the CB500X ABS adventure bike, the CB500F ABS naked bike and the CBR500R ABS sport bike – have all benefited from focused improvements to suspension, braking and handling for the 2022 model year.

Honda recognizes that many riders seek an affordable, approachable street bike that’s a great workday commuter but is also a capable tool for free-time recreation. Of course, “recreation” means different things to different customers, and each of these machines offers a unique solution: for those who define it as exploring dirt and gravel roads, the CB500X is the obvious choice; the CB500F is ideal for anyone looking to cut a stylish figure in the city; and the CBR500R fits the bill for those who prioritize brisk outings on twisty mountain backroads.


Perhaps more than any other category of motorcycle, adventure machines are asked to play a variety of disparate roles, and that’s particularly true of entry-level machines. Fortunately, few motorcycles are as adaptable as Honda’s CB500X ABS. The essence of a modern mid-displacement adventure machine, the CB500X is both practical and rewarding to ride, especially now that it has an inverted Showa SFF-BP fork dual front brake rotors and more.


Honda’s mid-displacement naked bike – the CB500F ABS – is chameleon-like in its ability to adapt to different applications. Built on a platform that’s practical but also capable of delivering highly enjoyable experiences, it’s a competent office or campus commuter when needed, but it’s equally at home when it’s time for fun, whether that be at bike nights, coffee-shop get-togethers or backroad excursions. Honed through decades of iconic Honda CB models, the 2022 CB500F benefits from a new inverted Showa SFF-BP fork, dual front-brake rotors with radial-mounted Nissin calipers and more, showing that respectable sporty performance and chic, minimalist looks needn’t come at a price that breaks the bank.

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Rare is the user-friendly, practical motorcycle that can also credibly claim to having championship-winning sport-bike DNA, but Honda’s CBR500R certainly fits the bill. A great option for the weekday commute, this full-fairing machine can also carve canyons with the best of them when the weekend hits. Delivering enjoyable performance in a range of riding situations, the CBR500R touts sensible running costs and a high-quality finish, and for 2022 it gets dual front brake rotors with radial-mount Nissin calipers, as well as an inverted Showa SFF-BP fork, lightweight wheels and more.

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