Galfer’s Range of Brake Products for Enduro

BARCELONA — The Spanish brake component brand Galfer offers a wide range of Wave discs in different versions, as well as various brake pad compounds for all conditions. Amateur riders can enjoy the best braking performance available to professional riders.

Galfer has been a major player at the top levels of Enduro for many years, winning a total of 28 world titles and many national titles in the last thirteen years, including the top EnduroGP class titles won by Steve Holcombe (2017, 2018 and 2020) and Brad Freeman (2021).

Confirming the strong presence of the Spanish brake component specialist on the international Enduro scene, and its already consolidated position as absolute leader for high performance, safety and efficiency in the world market, Galfer reaffirms its support as an Official Sponsor of the EnduroGP World Championship again in 2023.

The 2023 season sees a large roster of Galfer riders participating in the World Championship, for the most important teams on the international Enduro scene:

  • Beta Factory Team: Steve Holcombe and Brad Freeman.
  • TM Boano: Matteo Cavallo, Matteo Pavoni and Daniel Milner.
  • Sherco CH: Wil Ruprecht, Zach Pichon, Morgan Lesiardo and Hamish McDonald
  • KTM WP Eric Augé: Jaume Betriu, Nico Kutulas, Sam Davies, Hugo Blanjoue, and Àlex Puey.
  • Rieju: Léo Le Quéré, Mireia Badia, Rosie Rowett and Adrià Sánchez.
  • MGR Team: Davide Soreca.
  • Honda Impala: Alejandro Ceballos.
  • Beta Trueba: Alejandro Navarro.

Brake discs:

The Galfer catalog includes different versions of the “Disc Wave®” for the leading Enduro motorbike brands on the market: KTM, Beta, Honda, Sherco, Gas Gas, TM Racing, Husqvarna, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Fantic. Among these versions, the following stand out:

  • Fixed grooved “Disc Wave®” (RW-RWS): available in original size and oversize. The disc is robust, stable and, thanks to its grooves, offers a path for mud and water to escape. This is the preferred choice of front brake disc for the Beta Factory and Sherco CH teams. Its RRP is €129 + VAT.
  • Floating “Disc Wave®” (FLW-FRS): also available in original size and oversize, but only available for the front end. There are two versions of the rotor, one with holes and one with holes and grooves. The floating system allows the disc to adapt axially to the torsion between the fork and the wheel, ensuring that it is always positioned at the perfect braking angle, completely parallel to the brake pads. The grooved version provides a path for mud and water to escape. This is the front disc of choice for the TM Boano and Rieju teams. The RRP is €119 + VAT for the FLW version and €175 + VAT for the FRS grooved version.
  • Fixed “Disc Wave®” (W-WLL): this is the original-size rear disc. The W version is a Wave design with holes, while the WLL version is a solid disc with no holes in the rotor, where a lot of mud tends to accumulate. Its basic design with no holes and with a small outer Wave profile means that the pad cleans the disc surface when it is in contact. The W version, however, offers greater braking power. The WLL version is the rear disc of choice for almost all the Galfer teams in the EnduroGP World Championship (Beta, TM Boano, Sherco CH and Rieju). The RRP is €72 + VAT for the W version and €89 + VAT for the WLL version.

Brake pads:

  • Semi-metallic compound (G1054): this compound works very well at low temperatures and is less abrasive to the brake disc, although it has lower braking power than the sintered compounds and lower durability, especially in muddy conditions. This compound is extra quiet and offers very progressive braking. It is the choice of amateur users or for dry conditions. Its RRP is €19.75 + VAT.
  • Standard sintered compound (G1396): this is a highly versatile compound that occupies the middle ground in terms of durability and braking power. This compound does not need a high working temperature to offer its full potential, nor is it overly abrasive to the brake disc, although it offers inferior performance compared to the G1396R compound. Good performance in wet and muddy conditions. Its RRP is €26.50 + VAT.
  • Sintered Racing compound (G1396R): this is the most durable brake pad compound and has the highest braking power, although it requires a higher working temperature to yield its full performance and is more abrasive to the brake disc. The pads feature a groove on the braking surface to help evacuate mud and water, and ceramic paint on the rear support to improve cooling. It is the compound of choice, both front and rear, for most of the Galfer teams in the EnduroGP World Championship. Its RRP is €39.50 + VAT.


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