Galfer Searching for U.K. Distributors

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BARCELONA – Galfer, a major producer of brakes for motorcycles, motor bikes and bicycles, is searching for a U.K. distributor for its products, according to a post on Cycling Industry News (CIN).

The U.K. based cycling publication’s Mark Sutton recently conducted a question-and-answer session with  Ivo Martini Vristo, the Spanish company’s sales manager. Portions of the Q&A session are excerpted here:

CIN: Galfer has been very upfront about looking to expand its distribution into the UK, what kind of partner would you be seeking?

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Visto: Galfer is hopping to connect with a bike specialist distributor. As it stands our cycling product is carried only through TWS, which is our motocross partner. Specifically, right now we are looking for distributors who make the difference in the bicycle sector.

We feel we have a very high-performance product as a direct result of years of research and development. Backed by this engineering savvy top riders are engaged in various disciplines who are used to performance from every single component of their bike.

We kno0w we make a difference with our products in the braking segment and we are looking for a distributor for the UK market that are already bringing quality service to a broad customer base.

CIN: Tell us a bit about your production capability and the available product catalogue:

Visto: At current production levels we produce almost 2,000,000 brake pads each year.

For mountain bike Galfer has four different brake pads for different disciplines, each tailored with a specific compound, including a competition ready (green) pad that doesn’t require any bedding in. A black iteration is designed for all round use and at a quality price, while our red pad is suitable for UK conditions in particular because it does very well in extremely wet conditions!

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Some of our motorcycle pedigree filters through for both e-Bike and road cycling and so shops servicing these bikes should look for our purple pad designed for heavier loads, as well as the blue developed specifically for road use, but with that experience earned from our moto division.

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