Endurance Racing Pad from Hawk Performance

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Source: Hawk Performance announcement

LAS VEGAS — Hawk Performance, a leading manufacturer of high-performance aftermarket brake friction products for motorsports and street vehicle use, today (Nov. 2) announced the official launch of ER-1, its new, proprietary endurance racing brake pad.

“ER-1 marks an extraordinary leap forward in the racing friction market for Hawk Performance,” said John Butler, Program & Marketing Manager at Hawk Performance. “Specifically engineered for endurance racing, ER-1 is designed to offer Hawk’s trusted stopping power, hour after hour.”

ER-1 is a well-rounded motorsports brake pad compound that offers ideal modulation and pedal communication, providing a new option not just for endurance racing, but dirt and circle track, HPDE, time trials, and even sprint racing.

“Research and development of different compound formulas is paramount to Hawk’s ongoing strategy, with rigorous testing performed not just for thousands of hours on our in-house dynamometers, but also under the most grueling and diverse conditions in motorsports across a wide range of vehicles and environments,” noted Butler. “Hawk engineers have worked with some of the best racers and teams in the US and refined the components of this compound to create the optimal recipe that delivers the most ideal endurance pad on the market today. ER-1 comes to the market with a wide thermal range, groundbreaking torque consistency, excellent modulation and unmatched lifespan”

ER-1 Brake Pad Features:

• Specific emphasis on modulation, release, and pedal communication
• Ideal for light- to medium-weight vehicles in endurance racing, HPDE, track day events, or time trials
• Superior pad and rotor wear
• 400°-1600°F operating temperature range
• 700°-1100°F optimal temperature range

“Endurance racing is becoming more and more common in today’s motorsports, both professionally and on a grassroots level,” explained Taylor Allen, Hawk Performance Sales Manager. “Racing a car for 8, 16, or sometimes 24 hours straight brings an entirely new set of challenges to both the driver and the vehicle. We’ve developed ER-1 to solve the brake pad part of that equation, however in doing so created a pad that is also ideal for a variety of other Motorsport applications.”

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ER-1 is the first brake pad compound in the market to meet the vigorous pad and rotor wear rates needed to compete in endurance racing without sacrificing performance. With a coefficient of friction above .45μ over a 1,600°F range, ER-1 still provides the immense stopping power customers have come to expect from Hawk Performance.

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