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Source: Haldex announcement

LANDSKRONA, Sweden — The new Haldex electronic brake system (EBS) for trailers, which now controls the parking brake electronically, offers customers a new and modular approach in regard to specifications and application software.

In contrast to previous brake control units, the next generation has electronically controlled braking systems (EBS) for trailers EB+ 4.0, which means that customers can now release the parking brake via an electronic, instead of a pneumatic controller.

This enables Haldex to provide its customers with new features, such as the trailer immobilizer, which prevents the brake from being released in the event of unauthorized access; the “Safe Parking+” feature, which prevents the parking brake from being released until the compressed air system is completely full and the control line is pressurized; plus an emergency brake override, which prevents automatic emergency braking if the compressed air supply line is interrupted – as long as the semi-trailer is moving and the electrical connection is intact. This increases road safety and minimizes tyre wear.

Unlike previous EBS systems, the EB+ 4.0 can be upgraded from the basic unit, which to reduce weight and CO2, is now produced from engineering grade plastic.

Plus, with the customization option, essential features with all kinds of requirements and budgets, can be selected accordingly. In addition to this, a new combined park & shunt valve family, TEM+, is being introduced.

The valves can also be configured in such a way that the spring brake is automatically actuated during coupling and uncoupling or pressure loss in the supply line.

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The modular design allows you to replace individual elements or upgrade others. Four different EB+ 4.0 versions are available: a basic EBS with two modulators and two-wheel speed sensors with no emergency brake override; a basic EBS with emergency brake override; a premium EBS with two additional electrical interfaces, which can be extended to eight sensors and four modulators; and an additional modulator, which is used to map larger systems.

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