EBC Brakes Racing Product Range Expanded

Source: EBC Brakes

NORTHAMPTON, U.K. – EBC Brakes Racing announced new additions to its product range:

Fast Car ‘Best Brake Hardware’ award-winning RP-1 full race pad is now available for Audi A3, VW Golf, Seat Altea and Skoda Octavia.

RP-1 is an all-new track day and race-focused brake pad that sets a new high-water mark in EBC Brakes’ 35-year history of creating world-class braking components.

Developed from the ground-up by the ‘EBC Brakes Racing’ sub-division, RP-1 is the result of our engineers being ‘let off the leash’ and assigned with the task of creating the highest-performing brake pad they physically could, with no expense spared.

The ensuing three years of intense R&D, thousands of hours of dyno testing and, of course, hundreds of laps of the UK’s most demanding race circuits in both track and race-focused cars have all resulted in a no-compromised, cutting-edge organic pad that offers extreme braking performance at a lower cost compared to other pads on the market.  RP-1 pads are already proving themselves across the globe in the form of not only race wins but also new lap records.

New to range – two-piece fully floating brake discs now available for BMW Models and Kia Stinger, the SG2F006 and SG2FC7795 Fully Floating Brake Discs.

Also new to EBC’s range – P2DK Pad and 2-Piece Fully Floating Brake Disc Kits – are now available for BMW models. Each kit contains a set of two-piece fully floating brake discs and a choice of three pad options.

The entire announcement, including images and chart of available kits, can be viewed by clicking on this sentence.