DS’s FE Brake-by-Wire Solution Based on 2003-04 Citroen WRC System

The DS Techeetah team’s brake-by-wire system developed for the 2018/19 ABB FIA Formula E season is based on a solution used by Citroen’s World Rally Championship project fifteen years ago.

The introduction of FE’s new Gen2 car has opened up development opportunities with the car’s rear braking system, with its key characteristics now handled electronically.

It was understood that DS had developed its own brake-by-wire system for Techeetah, diverging from the majority of the field – most teams purchase the same mechanical components off the shelf.

The manufacturer confirmed this in Marrakech, and DS technical director Xavier Mestelan Pinon revealed the system is a development of the arrangement used by Citroen – of which the DS marque is an off-shoot – on its WRC programme in 2003 and ’04.

“We design our own brake-by-wire system,” said Mestelan Pinon, “and yes – it works very well!

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