Dakar Success for J.Juan Brakes

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Source: J.Juan announcement

BARCELONA — J.Juan’s Side by Side brakes have prevailed at the Dakar rally in the two categories in which these vehicles compete; T4 and T3. The t4 (SSV) are vehicles closer to the series model marketed by the manufacturer; The T3 (light prototypes) performance can be increased.

In T4 J.Juan’s mastery of the brakes has been spectacular. Among the first 30 vehicles, two (18th and 29th) did not have brakes from the Barcelona brand. The domain has been overwhelming and devastating. The category was won by Austin Jones (U.S.), followed by Gerard Farrés (ESP) and Rokas Baciouska (LTU).

In the T3 category in Dakar there were 22 vehicles among the top 30 that fitted J.Juan brakes, which won seven of the top 10 places, including the triumph of Francico “Chaleco” López (CHI) and the second place of Sebastian Eriksson (SWE ).

This is the fourth-consecutive year that vehicles equipped with J.Juan brakes have won the Dakar in the Side by Side category, as is the case in almost all the major off-road events held in the United States and those organized by the FIA (International Automobile Federation).

About Side by Side (from the Dakar Rally website)

Lightweight (four-wheel) vehicles bring together the T3 and T4 categories. T3s are prototypes crafted by specialized makers, a launchpad for seasoned crews and the last step before the car category. T4s are based on production vehicles also known as SSVs. This category gives competitors the opportunity to make affordable changes to their vehicles, which remain quite similar to their production counterparts.

The aim of this category is to allow numerous amateurs to participate in an economical and fun category. This new class also enables big teams and makers to detect up-and-coming talents.

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Equipped with fuel tanks no larger than 130 liters and a range of 250 kilometers, these vehicles stop at the same refueling stations as the motorbikes.

About J.Juan

J.Juan is the world leader in the manufacture of meshed metallic hydraulic tubes and the second European manufacturer of motorcycle brakes. Founded in 1965 in Barcelona, the company employs 640 people. The company is part of the Brembo Group, world leader of brake technology, founded in 1961, with more than 12.000 employees in 15 countries on three continents, with 29 production and business sites. Brembo owns prestigious brands such as AP, AP Racing, Breco, Bybre, J.Juan, Marchesini and SBS Friction.

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