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ORLANDO, Fla. –– ConMet, a leading global provider of transformative technologies for commercial trucks and trailers, announced its upcoming product and capability expansion plans for each business unit, including braking.

The company’s ongoing focus on tech-enabled innovation, engineering expertise, and manufacturing excellence has facilitated the growth of ConMet’s portfolio of solutions that continues to push the industry forward.

“Our approach to innovation is to disrupt ourselves by looking inward, analyzing and improving our own products and services,” said Beto Dantas, ConMet Chief Technology and Innovation Officer. “We have dedicated teams responsible for pursuing and verifying novel technology concepts to feed into our business units, ultimately allowing us to provide exciting new solutions to our customers.”

In 2023 and beyond, ConMet is broadening its capabilities and product offerings, which they will showcase this week at TMC’s Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition. Attendees can visit ConMet Booth #658 to learn about these updates and more:

Wheel Ends

ConMet’s proprietary PreSet® Plus hub assemblies are first-fit in most North American commercial vehicles and it is expertly engineered using cutting-edge technology to achieve the most precise levels of bearing adjustment and calibration in the market.

Coming Soon: ConMet has developed a coated, flat rotor to improve corrosion resistance in high-heat brake rotor applications, reducing wear and tear while extending rotor life.

Coming Soon: The new PreSet Plus efficiency package will be optimized with a proprietary low-drag seal and advanced bearings to further decrease resistance at the wheel end, improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions.


ConMet’s casting business supports OEM-proprietary designs, from concept to full production, of aluminum and iron castings. Expert engineering provides design simplification, and the latest simulation technology is leveraged for enhanced manufacturability to ensure strength, performance, and production efficiency.

The company has expanded manufacturing capabilities and capacity in its North American foundries, utilizing advanced materials science and innovative casting and machining processes to enhance ConMet’s cast product offerings further.

Global Expansion

ConMet continues to expand its global reach, developing transformative technologies for commercial vehicles in North America, Europe, and Asia.

ConMet expanded into China over 10 years ago to meet the need for reliable wheel end systems with PreSet technology in the China market. Today, PreSet wheel ends are standard or an option on 8 of the top 10 Chinese heavy-duty truck OEM vehicle platforms.

ConMet’s recent European expansion focuses on optimized, lightweight wheel end solutions and aluminum chassis components. As the European market focus on sustainability and electrification grows, ConMet’s unique lightweight offering can meet these market trends and needs.

ConMet Digital

Established in 2019 with the introduction of PreSet Plus SmartHub™, ConMet Digital has been expanding its suite of products, leveraging the vehicle network, and making updates that enhance fleet integration.

Available Now: PreSet Plus SmartHub, SmartTrack™ asset management, and SmartAir™ TPMS.

Available Now: An enhanced fleet management experience across the

ConMet Digital online dashboard that provides each user with more customized and more easily consumed data to promote uptime and safety. Dashboard improvements include added reports, asset summaries, and simplified historical trend charts.

Coming Soon: The ConMet Digital Driver App will be available on Google Play and Apple Store for smartphones and tablets, providing drivers with an optimized view of the data needed to increase accuracy of and speed up pre-trip inspections, determine when to take action during a route, and streamline communication between the driver and the service team to increase uptime and efficiency.

“Since 1964, our innovation-first mindset has enabled us to solve the problems of the commercial vehicle industry,” said John Waters, ConMet President. “Our deep industry roots and expertise – especially surrounding the wheel end – allow us to continually develop new ways of making vehicles lighter, safer, and more efficient.”

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