Compact International(1994) Wants to be Top EV-Brake Maker

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Source: Compact International(1994) announcement via Yahoo! Finance

BANGKOK —  Compact International(1994) Co. Ltd., a leading brake manufacturer in Thailand, aims to make progress on research and development for electric-vehicle (EV) brakes as a response to changes in EV technology and to render the safest ride to all customers.

The company will invest in R&D to support the manufacture of EV brakes and build an army of competent human resources to accommodate the expansion of scope on technical tasks. The investment in manufacturing technology and automation to increase the manufacturing capacity will satisfy a higher number of exports and new electric car trends.

The company established the Brake Development and Testing Center in 2007, equipped with the most innovative and complete tools in ASEAN, with the initiative to fulfill the rising demand with the expansion of the automobile business in ASEAN.

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Compact International(1994) Co. Ltd. prioritizes the manufacturing process, the selection of the best materials with the contribution of high-tech machinery from experts.

Compact International(1994) spent more than 30 percent of net income to invest in the Brake Development and Testing Center because the company truly believed that it is the core for discovering new innovation.

The brake which has been designed to produce the least amount of dust possible with high flexibility, preventing the noise and dark dust on the wheel caused by damaged brake discs. The products have been tested in the operating room as well as in the test drive, under the company and the one and only in ASEAN, R&D and Brake test center’s monitoring.

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Moreover, the company is ready to manufacture high quality brakes without copper composition up to date with the trend deriving from the U.S. regulation stipulating the annulment of the use of copper in brakes manufacture in 2025.

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