Comline Reaffirms Copper-Free Brake Pad Credentials

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Source: Comline announcement

LUTON, U.K. – British aftermarket marketer Comline has reaffirmed its commitment to copper-free braking with the announcement of an Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) ‘N’ rating. This rating confirms Comline brake pads as containing less than 0.5 percent of copper by weight and permits the brand to use the AASA LeafMark™ ‘N’ icon in promoting its comprehensive range of all makes brake pads.

Comline’s move towards eradicating copper from its brake pad formulations dates to 2016 in the aftermath of environmental studies conducted in both California and Washington State. Groups and regulators in those regions clearly demonstrated that the wear of traditional brake pads caused copper and other materials to be dumped onto roadways, consequently polluting streams, rivers, and the wider marine ecosystem.

Certification as ‘N’ rated under the AASA LeafMark™ advocates Comline’s continued commitment to copper-free brake pads.

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“Whilst there is still no formal regulation of copper content in brake pads here in Europe, we took the results of studies from the United States very seriously,” Comline Director of Braking Product Development Dr. Keith Ellis said. “As a brand we felt the responsibility to limit the environmental impact of our brake pads and quickly sought to bring our all makes range in-line with planned governance for California.

“Although we have been compliant for some time, receiving the ‘N’ rated’ LeafMarkTM from the AASA underlines the validity of our claims and enables us to more effectively promote Comline’s copper-free credentials.”

The AASA exclusively represents the North American Aftermarket supplier industry but its LeafMark™ symbol is now being attributed to brands such as Comline who reside outside of North America. The AASA LeafMark™ is being adopted internationally to certify hazardous material content, notably copper, within a brake pad formulation.

Within this certification there are three distinct levels of compliance – A, B or N – with products awarded ‘N’ rating demonstrating the highest level of compliance. In achieving its ‘N’ rating, Comline has demonstrated that its brake pads contain less than 0.5 percent of copper by weight and compliance with several other harmful material measures.

The AASA LeafMark™ will begin to adorn Comline promotional material in the coming weeks and months, and this compliance reinforces the brand’s position as “experts in braking.”

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