Classic, Antique and Collector Vehicle Brake Fluid from Champion

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Source: Champion Brands announcement

CLINTON, Mo. — Champion, a globally recognized industry leader in specialty products for over 65 years, recently introduced Champion DOT 5 Silicone-Based Brake Fluid engineered for classic, antique and collector vehicles.

It is a polysiloxane based fluid designed for use in non-ABS hydraulic braking applications. Developed to be used in older vehicles where moisture is going to be prevalent and unavoidable due to lack of use or storage.

Brakes run on a hydraulic system that requires fluid to make it work.  Application of the brake pedal transfers pressure through the brake fluid to the brake calipers which is then applied to the brake pads and rotors or the brake shoes and drums. The pressure is caused by the brake fluid in this type of hydraulic system.

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This process creates friction that stops the vehicle and, in some applications, may create a lot of heat. Different brake fluids react to heat in different ways which is why there are different types of DOT brake fluids available. Dot 5 has a very high boiling point and has more compressibility than most glycol ether-based fluids.

Champion DOT 5 Brake Fluid (Part #4055) is silicone-based high-temp brake fluid and is used primarily in applications like classic, antique or collector cars or trucks where the vehicle may be in storage or used occasionally. It will not blister, peel, or harm painted surfaces and acts as a weather barrier for your brake system, preventing rust.

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Unlike glycol-based fluids, Champion’s silicone-based brake fluid has a much more consistent viscosity profile and provides excellent lubrication of brake system components – leading to more consistent brake feel and longer component life. A Champion DOT 5-filled brake system will last longer and works well in cold temperatures.

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