Buses from Daimler: Safely Equipped for the Future

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STUTTGART, Germany — Daimler AG has assisted bus drivers for a number of years now with increasingly sophisticated and effective assistance systems because the greatest possible levels of safety are the central focus of research and development at the Stuttgart-based corporation. The current vehicle generations from Mercedes-Benz and Setra include, among other things, Active Brake Assist 4 (ABA 4), Preventive Brake Assist and Sideguard Assist which are true benchmarks in the fields of active safety. In the new Mercedes-Benz Intouro, Active Brake Assist 5 (ABA 5) has been introduced, a first in buses worldwide. Special protection measures against infection provide a very different type of safety for new buses and also for retrofitting.

The integral safety concept of Daimler Buses

Safety in buses from the Mercedes-Benz and Setra brands is not just about individual measures; rather, the brands implement a comprehensive and integral safety concept. The claim that stems from this approach could not be clearer: both bus brands should fulfil the highest demands on safety and continue to drive forward development in all fields.

The integral safety concept comprises numerous modules, with the focus on a number of vehicle and application-specific safety innovations which seek to enhance active and passive safety on an ongoing basis.

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This concept is supported by a range of further measures such as driver training, in which drivers are taught how to recognize dangers in good time and avoid taking risks. They are also shown how to react correctly in the event of an accident.

The concept also involves informing passengers on how to use the on-board safety equipment – starting with putting on their seat belts. It goes far beyond this, however, and includes responsible vehicle maintenance and the use of tried and tested Genuine Parts when the vehicle comes in for a service.

The aim of the integral safety concept is an ambitious one: to realize the vision of accident-free driving.

Active safety: Mercedes-Benz and Setra are traditionally pioneers

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The anti-lock brake system ABS, ASR acceleration skid control and the retarder as a wear-free auxiliary brake, passive safety systems like FCG Front Collision Guard or current high-tech assistance systems like the electronic stability program (ESP): Mercedes-Benz and Setra have always been pioneers in safety and assistance systems. Nearly all these systems had their premiere in a Mercedes-Benz or Setra.

The ergonomically perfect operation, the mirror systems, and the suspension which is both dynamic and comfortable with astounding agility and a surprising small turning circle in all versions, are also exemplary.

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