Brembo Featuring Color, Lightweight and Dual-Cast Discs in Geneva

DETROIT, (March 2019) – Brembo, the acknowledged world leader in braking technology, will display the latest in automotive braking at the Geneva International Motor Show this week. The Italian company will show a unique color experiment as well as the latest in lightweight and dual-cast brake discs on stand #2240.

Beyond Color

Brembo continues to experiment with color, keeping in step with the latest trends in fashion, art, style and design. Since its very first, and now synonymous with the brand red caliper more than 25 years ago, Brembo has increasingly focused on and pushed the color spectrum of its products in order to characterize and strengthen the distinctive features of each vehicle it equips.

Brembo caliper in camouflage

Today it continues to amaze and, after almost 60 years of innovation, goes further, with a provocation on color, which once again makes it a pioneer, not only in technology, but also in design.

For the Geneva Motor Show, in fact, Brembo was inspired by the world of fashion, design, art and style to coat some of its calipers with unusual “cloths” for a car component, in a journey of provocations, chromatic suggestions and graphic textures.

Brembo has painted a caliper with a camouflage pattern, a classic, revisited in the color of the year* or, for lovers of luxury, the glittered caliper, and for the trendiest and most irreverent, there is the caliper with the unmistakable reference to the famous English fabric argyle pattern.

The journey continues with a look at the past, with the “vintage” caliper, simple and minimal, which recalls the geometries of the ’70s, or the caliper with fluorescent, contrasting and sometimes excessive colors of the ’90s, and again with a creative caliper inspired by writers and street art.

Brembo’s experiments do not stop there, if the new trend of the moment suggests an aggressive look, there is the caliper that recalls the spotted coat of the felines, and the tattooed caliper, with its dragon.

And for nature lovers, there is also a green interpretation.

These are just a few suggestions that will not go into production and that Brembo presents to underline the perfect mix of aesthetics and functionality, which make each Brembo caliper an icon of style.

*PANTONE® 16-1546 Living Coral

Lightweight Brembo Brake Disc Gets Bigger

In Geneva Brembo is presenting an extension of its lightweight brake disc range with the arrival of a version for high-performance vehicles. Introduced a few years ago, the lightweight brake disc is the result of a partnership project with Daimler to introduce a brake product with absolutely innovative characteristics.

Brembo lightweight brake disc

Over the years, Brembo has continued to develop and, thanks to in-depth product and process studies, is now able to offer all its customers a lightweight brake disc designed for applications on ultra-performance vehicles. This product extension introduces a different form of ventilation, optimized according to the fluid dynamics of the car and, above all, with larger dimensions (395x36mm) than the range currently in production.

This is a patented solution which allows for better dissipation of the heat developed during braking in a way combined with a reduction of the generation and propagation of thermal cracking.

Always committed to finding new technological and environmentally friendly solutions aimed at meeting the increasingly stricter demands of the market in terms of reducing weight, Brembo has developed a disc which combines two different materials, cast iron and steel.

The most important advantage stems from the steel bell, which reaches a thickness of just 2.5 mm, instead of the 7.5-9 mm of the classic cast iron bell, with the same level of performance.

Dual-Cast Brake Disc

The Brembo floating disc concept, is now even lighter. Brembo introduced the second generation of the dual-cast floating brake discs made of two materials, cast iron and aluminum.

Brembo dual-cast brake disc

The second generation of the dual-cast brake disc is an alternative to the “classic” version already available on the market. The updated version improves the fluid dynamic efficiency and therefore reduces the operating temperatures, thanks to an optimization of the drag and ventilation geometries.

This disc has many benefits, including weight reduction by about 20 percent (compared to an integral disc of the same dimensions), greater comfort, reduction of corrosion and wear and better performance of the components.

A fundamental characteristic of this type of disc is the cast iron braking band and the aluminum bell, which combine the advantages cast iron performances at high temperatures with the lightweight properties of the aluminum.

Source: Brembo

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