Brake Engineering Celebrates 40 Years

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Source: Brake Engineering announcement

WREXHAM, U.K. — Brake Engineering is celebrating its 40th year of remanufacturing in conjunction with Global Reman Day, as it continues to offer its “Original Aftermarket” promise to provide the industry with complete traceability and reliability.

Global Reman Day focuses on the successes of remanufacturers and looks to progress the industry and raise awareness to the benefits of remanufacturing.

With its remanufacturing processes carried out in the U.K., Brake Engineering has led the market in the production of calipers since 1981.

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The company is in complete control of the remanufacturing process, remanufacturing parts to the highest standard before adding them to its range.

Quality at Brake Engineering’s core

When remanufacturing calipers, only the core should be reused, having been subject to strict acceptance criteria and undergoing a stringent quality remanufacturing process that involves its inspection, dismantling, cleaning, rebuild and test. Brake Engineering calipers are also electroplated with a chrome 6 free finish to extend the life of the caliper.

All wearing parts are replaced with brand new components and the caliper housing is also given a corrosion resistant, zinc-plated finish that abides by current EU legislation. The caliper is then pressure tested to strict quality guidelines, with batch marking being used for essential traceability.

It is this attention to detail that is driving demand for Brake Engineering products in the automotive sector.

“Original Aftermarket” promise

The term “Original Aftermarket” comes from extensive market research undertaken by Brake Engineering in the automotive industry, designed to determine what customers expect from a supplier in terms of service, range, availability, reliability and support.

It is clear in its message to customers and promotes transparency in areas such as product quality, technical support and customer service.

The company is committed to working alongside motor factors and garages and wants them to buy in to Brake Engineering’s full line braking parts solution.

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For over 30 years, the Brake Engineering brand has led the market in the supply of remanufactured brake calipers evolving to the point where it is widely regarded as the “must-have” brand for full line braking parts supply, which comprises pads, discs and calipers.

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