ADVICS New Line of Ultra-Premium Brake Fluids

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Source: ADVICS announcement

TORRANCE, Calif.– In an ongoing effort to expand its current product offering for the North American aftermarket, ADVICS – the leader in advanced braking technology and member of the AISIN Group of companies – has launched a line of ultra-premium brake fluids.

The launch includes both DOT 3 and DOT 4 LV formulations for disc, drum, and ABS systems. Both formulations are ultra-premium synthetic and are manufactured in the U.S.

Both formulations’ wet and dry boiling points (DOT 3 wet 307 degrees Fahrenheit, dry 500 degrees Fahrenheit; DOT 4 LV wet 355 degrees Fahrenheit, dry 510 degrees Fahrenheit) exceed industry boiling point benchmarks as well as competitive benchmarks. High boiling points are necessary to prevent air bubbles from forming in the brake lines, which could lead to decreased braking performance.

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“The addition of DOT 3 and DOT 4 LV brake fluids to the ADVICS product portfolio allows us to provide our customers with a complete ultra-premium brake product offering,” said Jason Lang, product manager for ADVICS Aftermarket North America. “We are dedicated to continuing the expansion of our ultra-premium brake system product coverage in the aftermarket, and exceeding OE quality and specifications with every product we sell.”

ADVICS DOT 4 LV formulation offers extreme low-temperature viscosity, tested to perform in the most extreme environments. This low viscosity formulation delivers reliable and consistent brake system operation, even at the coldest temperatures.

“While this is the first brake chemical offered by ADVICS, chemicals and fluids are part of the core product offering from AISIN Corporation,” said Larrow Kaufman, senior sales manager for AISIN Aftermarket North America. “As a member of the AISIN Group of companies, ADVICS ultra-premium brake system products are designed, engineered and manufactured using the most advanced technologies available to the industry. AISIN Aftermarket is proud to distribute ADVICS brake system components and support the expansion of its product offerings.”

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