Young People’s Creativity to Shape Brembo’s Future

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CURNO, Italy — “The sky is the limit.” Breaking away from the status quo, feeling free to imagine a future that today’s young generations will play a leading role in. To do this, Brembo has devised a unique project and has asked its “own” new generations – some of the under 30s who work in the Group – to provide their creative contribution.

Twenty Gen Z and Y young professionals – from the Brembo sites in Europe, China and USA – are filling a virtual white canvas with their creativity, sensitivity, emotions and insights. They imagine scenarios and bring thoughts to the surface, even disruptive ones.

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These young professionals design “their” future for Brembo in an industry – the automotive one – which is evolving at an incredible speed. It is moving towards electrification, self-driving and connected vehicles with “human-machine interfaces,” which would have been inconceivable not so long ago. It is moving towards e-commerce and the widespread use of apps. It focuses on environmental sustainability, diversity and inclusion. It sees the sudden advent of the “rookies,” non-conventional vehicle manufacturers.

This is the challenge that faces the Gen Z Forum promoted by Brembo. The average age of the participants is 28 and the average number of years they have worked for the Group is three. They are mostly engineers but not only. They form a melting pot of different experiences, backgrounds and cultures.

A representative sample of the new generations took up the challenge and put into play with courage and enthusiasm.

The project is a direct consequence of the presentation of the new Brembo Vision Turning Energy Into Inspiration – and new Mission – Becoming a Solution Provider – which were unveiled last autumn and divided into three strategic pillars: Digital, Global and Cool. It is perfectly natural, then, to talk about the future, digital technology, cool brands and involving the new generations – this is what the idea of the Gen Z Forum is based on.

After the kick-off at the end of March, the under 30s started working on the topics by themselves. The only support they can rely on is the one from facilitators outside the company who are helping them organize the teamwork and direct their energies and contributions towards a common objective as well as the one from a visual designer who transforms insights and ideas of the participants into graphic visuals.

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Freedom and creativity are also two key words of the Gen Z Forum. It is the freedom to create without barriers claimed by the first touch-screen generation, which enables the creation of ideas, values, culture and the ability to interpret the present differently from previous generations.

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