Washington, California Bar Camaro Brake Option

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DETROIT – Chevrolet already has stopped selling certain performance versions of the 2021 Camaro in California and (the state of) Washington, now the GM Authority is reporting it will not be able to sell its Heavy-Duty Cooling and Braking Package.

The restrictions are due to copper being present in the makeup of their brake pads, a substance which was outlawed in this application by these two states beginning Jan. 1st.

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The package consists of

  • Brembo supplied four-piston front performance, four-wheel antilock, four-wheel disc brakes
  • An external engine-oil cooler

Normally there are three ways to obtain the Heavy-Duty Cooling and Braking Package:

  1. Purchase a Camaro ZL 1LE
  2. Purchase one with an RS Package
  3. Purchase one with 20-inch, five-spoke Carbon Flash painted aluminum wheels

The models which have the brakes prohibited in these two states as standard equipment are: 2021 Chevy Camaro SS, 2021 Camaro 2SS and 2021 Camaro ZL1.

According to the GM Authority, “A new braking system that is compliant with California and Washington state restrictions is expected for the 2022 model year Chevy Camaro. The 2021 Chevy Camaro is the sixth model of the latest sixth-generation vehicle.”

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