VW’s Wheel Innovation Boosts Brake Efficiency

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Volkswagen R has introduced a new 19-inch Warmenau forged wheel, showcasing a 20% weight reduction and improved brake cooling efficiency. The wheel, developed in collaboration with Volkswagen Design, will debut at the Golf R models’ world premiere on June 26.

Key Highlights

  • Weight Reduction: The Warmenau forged wheel weighs eight kilograms per wheel rim, 20% lighter than comparable alloy wheels.
  • Improved Brake Cooling: A high opening ratio of 71% enhances brake cooling and durability, especially on the track.
  • Premiere: The wheel rim is one of the highlights at the world premiere of the Golf R models on June 26.
  • Availability: Available in black or dark grey with a diamond-cut finish.

Volkswagen R is set to showcase its most powerful Golf models, the new Golf R and the Golf R Variant. Along with outstanding performance, these models will feature the new 19-inch Warmenau forged wheel as an optional add-on.

Stability and Design

The innovative Warmenau forged wheel was developed by Volkswagen R in collaboration with Volkswagen Design. Weighing only eight kilograms per wheel rim, these wheels are about 20% lighter than traditional alloy wheels, reducing unsprung masses and ensuring perfect handling. Volkswagen designer Ranbir Kalha highlighted the challenges in achieving this ambitious weight target, emphasizing the balance between strength and weight.

Golf R

Enhanced Performance

The wheel rim design features ten overlapping rectangles, enhancing stability and wear resistance. With a large opening ratio of 71%, the brakes are cooled more effectively, reducing thermal stress, particularly on racetracks.

Heritage and Availability

Named after Volkswagen R’s headquarters in Warmenau, the wheel rims are available in black or dark grey with a diamond-cut finish, compatible with 235/35 tires. The design is inspired by the first sporty Golf R32 models, combining stability, appearance, and lightweight construction.

Volkswagen R is recognized for producing the sportiest vehicles in the Volkswagen lineup. The year 2023 was a record year with over 35,000 vehicles produced. Since 2002, more than 300,000 R models have been delivered. Volkswagen R is shifting towards all-electric R models by 2030, focusing on performance, design, innovation, and quality.

The world premiere of the new Golf R models and the Warmenau performance wheel rim will take place on June 26.

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