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VILLANOVA d’ASTI AT, Italy – Util Industries is both the headquarters and “heart” of Util Group, a small multinational with more than 900 employees and three engineering and manufacturing plants in Italy, Canada and China. Util provides solutions for metal components mainly intended for the automotive brake market.

The company offers services and products with high technological content all over the world, made with the technology of fine blanking (FB), to meet the most demanding requirements from the world of original car equipment manufacturers (OEM), original spare parts for assistance (OES) or independent spare parts for the maintenance of the brake system (aftermarket).

The company, founded in 1959, constantly invests in its technological development, in the modernization of equipment and in its human capital.

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Util Enlarges Its Production and Application Capabilities

Today, Util Group is recognized as a leader in the global automotive market and an absolute leading point of reference in its sector.

Util Group has established a global presence superior to its competitors, ensuring process standardization and quality in equal measure from every production site. The competitive advantage of the company is further strengthened by the design and design capabilities of products, molds and equipment as well as by the specialized skills in product engineering, process and precision mechanics, able to design, manufacture and manage products and solutions for the “giants” of the automotive world (TRW / ZF, Continental, Bosch…) and for the main auto manufacturers.

The company’s mission is to understand and solve customer problems, adding value through high quality, research and innovation capacity and global presence in key automotive markets, making these objectives achievable through the excellence of people, organization, technologies and working methods, with the utmost respect for safety and environment.

Util’s success derives from its ability to provide high quality technological solutions at competitive prices, supported by an unrivaled production, technical and commercial presence in Europe, Asia and America.

Util Industries boasts a strong and lasting relationship with the main automotive companies (Tier1 suppliers/OEM), offering a wide range of innovative solutions that have allowed customers and the Group to consolidate their position in the market.

Util is a dynamic company with a passion for learning and with significant investments in the research and engineering of equipment and production processes, to be recognized today as an absolute reference point and at the forefront of the sector.

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The core business of fine blanking allows it to obtain completed products with superior finishes, guaranteeing excellence in dimensional and flatness control, repeatability of the production process, few mechanical reworkings and lower economic impact of the production series compared to older processes existing on the market.

Among the successful product and process development projects, the production of bearing pads to reduce the weight of the braking system as well as the patents of the supports with “retention system” to increase the adhesion of the friction material to the metal supports and the level of safety for end consumers.

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