TMD Friction Keeps Up the Pace with New Products

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Source: TMD Friction announcement

LEVERKUSEN, Germany — TMD Friction has introduced 825 new products across its entire brand portfolio as it continues its drive to provide customers globally with safe and high-quality replacement parts for practically every new vehicle model as fast as possible.

Despite the challenging market conditions caused by the persistent coronavirus pandemic, together with supply chain problems, in 2021 TMD Friction succeeded in introducing 825 new products across its entire brand portfolio – in some cases as the first provider to the market.

The company’s role as a series supplier to the leading global vehicle manufacturers helps underpin this success. The new products enable TMD Friction workshops and dealerships to offer one of the largest vehicle coverages of all brake lining manufacturers in Europe.

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As a pioneer in brake technology, TMD Friction continues to develop its product range for vehicles of the future. TMD Friction not only increased its proportion of copper-free brake pads, which reached a new peak, but it also has high coverages of e-platforms covering more than 99 percent of the European fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles with its aftermarket program.

This ensures the independent aftermarket can remain competitive with newly introduced models.

In addition, despite the increasingly complex demands created by local statutory or individual regulations in the booming Chinese market, the manufacturer has succeeded in developing 160 new brake lining products available there.

Michael Dunkel, Director for Global Category & Product Management at TMD Friction, said: “To keep up last year’s rapid pace of introducing new products – despite the coronavirus crisis and the ongoing difficulties with supply chains – our entire aftermarket team has demonstrated great commitment day in, day out. And this was for a clear purpose: to provide our customers quickly and reliably with the parts they need for brake repairs or maintenance to new vehicle models.

“We are getting good feedback from our customers for our efforts. The Textar, Mintex and Don brands cover the European fleet better than the competition, and we are also setting high standards in availability and delivery reliability. Thanks to our well-stocked central warehouse in Leverkusen, we can assure our customers of a robust, rapid and environmentally friendly supply chain.”

To ensure that workshops do not lose the overview as a result of the wide range and to help them easily find the required parts in the current catalogue platforms, TMD Friction places a high priority on top data quality.

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This is confirmed by one of the leading providers of such platforms, TecAlliance, which has granted TMD Friction the status of Premium Data Supplier (PDS) for all the brands offered. In addition to these general catalogue platforms, the right parts can also be found online at – TMD Friction’s own catalogue.

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