Textar Assists Garages in Gaining Customer Loyalty

1 March 2019 – Premium brake brand, Textar, is assisting garages with retaining customers and building client loyalty by recommending additional checks take place when their vehicles are in the garage.

As the weather changes during the transition from winter to spring, more customers are visiting garages with tyre related queries and issues. If work needs to be carried out, Textar now recommends that mechanics offer further checks, including a diagnosis on the condition of brakes pads and wear, to ensure a reliable, full service check-up is offered to all customers.

Offering this service guarantees customers are aware of mechanics going above and beyond to ensure their safety on the roads. This is part of Textar’s spring check-up campaign, as TMD Friction, the global manufacturing behind the Textar brand, has identified an influx in the number of cars visiting garages as the winter weather disperses.  

The spring check-up campaign includes posters and a brochure which details 10 important tips for correct vehicle maintenance and preparation for the spring and summer following from months of harsh weather and driving conditions. The 16-page brochure will be available to download free of charge on the Textar website (www.textar.com), an overview of the 10 tips is below:

  1. Check and, if necessary, replace lights – moisture and loose chippings can cause damage to headlights, taillights and turn signals or hazards
  2. Check fluid levels and refill if necessary (motor oil, coolant, windshield wiper fluid)
  3. Check brakes (brake pads, brake discs, brake fluid, seals and rubber parts)
  4. Change tyres, including checking tread depth and tyre pressure (don’t forget to tighten up wheel bolts at 50-100 km)
  5. Check and, if necessary, replace wiper blades – winter frost and ice may have damaged them
  6. Check battery (check performance, as well as the contacts and acid level)
  7. Inspect and, if necessary, replace exhaust pipe – the low winter temperatures can cause cracks in the pipe
  8. Clean interior (windows, upholstery, footpads, dashboard and fixtures)
  9. Go to a professional car wash to have the vehicle and its undercarriage cleared of salt and gravel
  10. Check the paint – salt and grit may have scratched it over the winter

“The feedback we received regarding the spring check-up campaign last year was very positive,” said Nick Hayes, UK Sales Manager at TMD Friction. “Advising that garages offer these additional checks during any wheel related maintenance means the customer receives peace of mind they’re in safe hands and gives the garage a reputation for putting the customer first. In this day in age, this kind of status is invaluable with consumers often seeking reviews before visiting a garage.

“Customer retention is imperative for garages, with most individuals remaining loyal to a garage where they have had a positive experience. With vehicles needing constant check-ups and regular maintenance work, this loyalty can help a garage strive. We’re proud to be enforcing that positive experience when customers come for something as simple as a tyre change.”

Source: Textar

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