Sinter Brakes Releases Smart Bedding Machine

Sinter Brakes, a company with a longstanding reputation in bicycle braking technology, has introduced the Smart Bedding Machine at this year’s Eurobike in Frankfurt. This newly launched product is designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the brake pad bedding-in process in bicycle workshops.

Why It Matters

The proper bedding-in of brake pads is essential for ensuring peak braking performance, a critical factor for cycling safety. Traditional manual bedding methods are often time-consuming and subject to variability. The Smart Bedding Machine by Sinter Brakes offers a consistent and expedient solution, aiming to standardize and improve this crucial aspect of bicycle maintenance.

Key Points

  • Sinter Brakes brings over 50 years of expertise in bicycle braking to the development of this machine.
  • The Smart Bedding Machine ensures a uniform bedding-in process for brake pads.
  • Features of the machine include:
    • An intuitive user interface for the bedding process.
    • Stop/start functionality for process efficiency.
    • Multiple programs to suit different brake setups.
    • Aluminium rollers that accommodate wheel sizes from 20” to 29”.
    • Sturdy build with touchless sensor technology.
    • USB port for firmware updates.
  • Comparative testing indicates a 20% performance improvement over manual bedding methods.
  • The product is available in the USA and EU markets.

Bottom Line

With the introduction of the Smart Bedding Machine, Sinter Brakes aims to offer a practical solution to bicycle workshops, enhancing brake pad performance and reducing manual labor. This product reflects the company’s commitment to innovation in bicycle maintenance technology, offering a reliable and efficient tool for workshops in the cycling industry.


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