Waupaca Foundry Benefits from New Law

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Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers recently enacted a significant law that alters vehicle weight and length regulations for the transport of metallic materials, particularly benefiting Waupaca Foundry. The 2023 Wisconsin Act 156 enables the foundry to transport larger quantities of pig iron per truckload, effectively reducing the number of vehicles required on the road and subsequently lowering emissions.

Key Highlights

  • Enhanced transport efficiency: The law allows for larger loads of pig iron, a key raw material in iron casting, to be moved with fewer truckloads.
  • Environmental and economic benefits: Predicted reduction of approximately 300 truckloads annually, leading to less congestion and pollution, and helping curb rising logistics costs.
  • Support for local manufacturing: The law supports manufacturers by simplifying the transportation of essential raw materials across Wisconsin.
  • State economic impact: Manufacturing contributes significantly to Wisconsin’s economy, with a 2021 output of $66.32 billion and employment of nearly 486,000 workers in the sector.

Erik Ellingson, General Counsel at Waupaca Foundry, highlighted the environmental and operational advantages, stating, “The new act will reduce the number of trucks needed to haul, which will, in turn, reduce emissions.”

Legislative Collaboration and Industry Impact: The law’s passage showcases effective collaboration between state government and local industries. “Manufacturing is essential to Wisconsin’s economy,” Rob Johnson, CFO of Waupaca Foundry, emphasized the strategic importance of the new law in supporting statewide manufacturing efforts.

Representative Kevin Petersen and Senator Joan Ballweg, the bill’s co-authors, echoed the sentiment, celebrating the reduction of bureaucratic hurdles for local businesses. “It’s always a great day when we can cut bureaucratic red tape for businesses in Wisconsin,” Representative Petersen noted.

About Waupaca Foundry: Waupaca Foundry, Inc., leads North America in iron castings production, serving sectors such as automotive and agriculture. With a workforce of around 4,000 and multiple foundries across Wisconsin and Indiana, the company is at the forefront of industry innovation and efficiency.

This legislative change not only promotes environmental stewardship by reducing unnecessary truck emissions but also strengthens the operational capabilities of key industrial players like Waupaca Foundry, bolstering the state’s economy and manufacturing sector’s sustainability.

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