TMD Friction Cuts Workplace Accidents

On the eve of World Day for Safety and Health at Work, TMD Friction, a global leader in brake manufacturing, marks the five-year anniversary of its health, safety, and environment (HSE) program, “Say No to Risk.” Since its launch in 2019, this initiative has dramatically reduced the number of lost time accidents (LTAs) by 83 percent. An LTA refers to injuries that prevent employees from performing their duties for at least one day. This achievement underscores TMD Friction’s commitment to maintaining a safe work environment.

Key Highlights

  • Significant Reduction in Accidents: The introduction of the “Say No to Risk” program led to an 83% decrease in LTAs.
  • Annual Investment: TMD Friction allocates EUR 400,000 annually to mitigate critical life risks.
  • Enhanced Reporting Culture: The program has fostered an environment where employees readily report potential hazards.
TMD Friction Cuts Workplace Accidents

Strategic Implementation

Under the guidance of Lynn Edwards, Vice President of HSE, TMD Friction has rolled out numerous safety measures across its facilities. The company has implemented policies that prefer automated systems over manual labor and ensure rigorous safety protocols like isolating power sources before machinery maintenance. Technological advancements, such as forklifts with proximity sensors and enhanced visibility, play a crucial role in minimizing risks.

Cultural Shift Towards Safety

The success of the “Say No to Risk” initiative is partly due to its influence on the company culture, encouraging proactive behavior in hazard identification and reporting. Lynn Edwards emphasizes the importance of an open reporting culture, stating, “I believe a ‘mission zero’ strategy can have a negative effect on safety as this can encourage underreporting of incidents in order to achieve the ‘zero’ goal.” This philosophy has led to a more transparent and effective approach to managing workplace safety.

Bottom Line

TMD Friction’s dual approach, integrating top-down management support with bottom-up employee empowerment, has proven effective. The “Say No to Risk” program not only enhances the safety standards but also aligns with the company’s core values, ensuring a safer, more productive workplace. This strategy has enabled TMD Friction to achieve a substantial reduction in workplace injuries, setting a benchmark in industrial safety practices.

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