Brembo’s 2023 Sustainability Achievements

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Brembo, a leading global manufacturer of braking systems, recently released its 2023 Sustainability Report, outlining significant advances in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects. Achieving a 75% use of renewable energy globally and reducing CO2 emissions per unit of finished product by 9.5%, Brembo continues to set benchmarks in the industry’s sustainability practices.

Key Highlights

  • Global Renewable Energy Use Hits 75%: Brembo has increased its reliance on renewable energy sources, reaching 75% globally. Notably, in Italy, Mexico, and Brazil, 100% of the company’s electricity comes from renewable sources.
  • CO2 Emissions Reduced by 9.5%: There has been a significant decrease in CO2 emissions per unit of finished product throughout 2023, emphasizing Brembo’s effective environmental strategies.
  • Significant Waste Recovery Efforts: In 2023, Brembo successfully recovered about 440,000 tons of production waste, representing approximately 88% of its total waste output.
  • Engagement in Sustainable Development: Over 15,600 employees across 15 countries are involved in proposing innovative projects through the Brembo Sustainability Awards.
  • Supply Chain Decarbonization: The Net Zero Supply Chain Workshop in 2023 engaged around 300 key suppliers to accelerate supply chain decarbonization.
  • CDP Recognition: Brembo was acknowledged by CDP with an A- rating for its actions against climate change and efficient water resource management.
Brembo's 2023 Sustainability Achievements

Cristina Bombassei, Chief CSR Officer at Brembo, emphasized the complexity and importance of sustainable growth, stating, “Being sustainable and continuing to grow while creating value is a complex challenge for an industrial and global Group like Brembo.” She highlighted the drive to improve continually and the impact of their business practices on local territories.

Further detailing their environmental initiatives, Brembo has adopted numerous sustainable practices, including water recovery systems and the use of secondary raw materials like scrap ferrous materials and processing residues. The company’s approach not only promotes circularity in processes and products but also enhances overall resource efficiency.

Brembo’s commitment extends beyond environmental issues. The company actively supports various educational, cultural, and social welfare projects, particularly in regions where it operates. A notable initiative is the “House of Smile” in India, which provides education, medical care, and vocational training, supporting over 5,000 beneficiaries since 2017.

With a structured sustainability path that began in 1999, Brembo remains dedicated to aligning with the UN’s 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), reflecting its long-term commitment to responsible corporate practices.

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