Randon Celebrates 75th Anniversary with Special Series

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Randon, a leading semi-trailer manufacturer in Latin America and a global player in the industry, has launched a special commemorative series to celebrate its 75th anniversary. This series marks the company’s storied history and its advancements in high-performance cargo transportation products.

Key Highlights

  • Special commemorative series launched in June
  • Products feature unique “New R 75” color, gold details, and personalized plaques
  • Inclusion of Randon Smart technology and exclusive spare parts plans for the first year
  • International network of 190 distribution points
  • Special campaign using AI to showcase historical moments

The commemorative line showcases Randon’s cutting-edge technology and performance. Products in this series come in a special color, “New R 75,” and feature distinctive finishes with gold details. Additionally, each product includes a certificate and a personalized plaque bearing the client’s name or logo. Purchasers will benefit from Randon Smart technology and exclusive spare parts plans for the first year.

“In these 75 years, as we stated in the motto of the promotional campaign, we have pushed history forward. We want, with exclusive actions like this special series, to value the long-standing relationship with our clients. To celebrate this achievement, we present several new features that elevate our history and embrace the new moment we have reached,” highlights Randon’s COO, Sandro Trentin.

Randon stands out as the main Brazilian exporter of semi-trailers, boasting an international network of 190 distribution points. The company’s evolution in meeting the cargo transport demands with innovative and technological solutions has solidified its global recognition.

In conjunction with the commemorative line, Randon has also launched an online campaign to highlight the brand’s legacy. This campaign narrates Randon’s past, present, and future, showcasing the development of the business over the last seven decades through research from the Randon Memorial. The campaign features artificial intelligence resources that recreate significant historical moments.

Randon Celebrates 75th Anniversary with Special Series

About Randon

Randon’s history is deeply intertwined with the expansion of cargo transportation. As the largest semi-trailer manufacturer in Latin America and one of the largest globally, Randon is an internationally recognized player. The company operates six industrial units in Brazil and two manufacturing units abroad, in Argentina and the United States.

Over the past 75 years, Randon has produced over 550,000 units, including semi-trailers, trailers, and truck bodies in various configurations such as bulk carriers, dumpers, tanks, vans, siders, refrigerated vans, sugarcane trailers, logging trailers, silos, and general cargo vehicles. Additionally, Randon is active in the railway wagon segment.

This special series not only commemorates Randon’s impressive history but also underscores its commitment to innovation and customer value as it looks toward the future.

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