PureForge: Interview with Gordon Heidacker

Welcome to another episode of the Coffee Brake Podcast. As we all know, the world of brake technology is ever-evolving, and few companies exemplify that evolution quite like PureForge. Joining us is the visionary at the helm of this groundbreaking company, Gordon Heidacker, Chairman & CEO of PureForge.

Throughout this episode, we’ll be diving deep into Gordon’s personal journey and the serendipitous path that led him to PureForge. We’ll be uncovering the ins and outs of PureForge’s distinctive mission and getting a closer look at their pioneering Atomic-Forged brake technology that’s been causing ripples in the industry.

As we venture further, we’ll be delving into the pressing issue of brake dust and its environmental implications, and how PureForge is stepping up to the plate. From customer feedback to new markets, growth strategies to challenges faced, our conversation today promises to be both enlightening and invigorating.

Gordon will also be granting us a rare glimpse into the personal side of leadership, sharing with us the inspirations, influences, and invaluable lessons that shape his role as the CEO. And, of course, we’ll be wrapping up with a forward glance into the promising future of PureForge and the broader horizon of the brake and automotive industry.

So, grab your favorite brew, sit back, and let’s embark on this illuminating journey together. Welcome to the Coffee Brake. Let’s roll!

Click here to learn more about PureForge.

Brian Hagman
Brian Hagman

Brian Hagman is founder of Hagman Media, with platforms including The BRAKE Report, The EV Report, and Self Drive News. Brian is also President of Hagman Search, a specialized recruiting firm supporting organizations in the Braking, eMobility, and Automated Driving segments.