NUADI Group: Interview with Jose Ciordia

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Jose Ciordia, CEO of NUADI Group, discusses the company’s background and position as a leading manufacturer of brake components for the automotive industry. He highlights the changes in the OE and aftermarket landscape, including the shift towards localization and the impact of new mobility technologies.

Jose also explains the differences between fine blanking and conventional stamping in brake component manufacturing. He shares insights on the EU7 emission standards and the environmental challenges faced by the automotive industry.

Additionally, Jose discusses the opportunities and adaptations required for electric vehicles and the importance of preventing rust and corrosion in brake components. He concludes by sharing the company’s vision for the future and its commitment to providing innovative solutions to customers.


  • The automotive industry is experiencing a shift towards localization and consolidation, driven by logistics issues and financial considerations.
  • The OE and aftermarket sectors are facing challenges and opportunities due to new mobility technologies and changing regulations.
  • Fine blanking and conventional stamping are two different technologies used in brake component manufacturing, with each having its own advantages and considerations.
  • The EU7 emission standards are focused on reducing particle emissions from vehicles, including brakes and tires.
  • The rise of electric vehicles presents opportunities for NUADI Group, as their expertise in flat backing plates and electric wear sensors aligns with the needs of EV manufacturers.
  • Preventing rust and corrosion in brake components is crucial for ensuring performance and safety.
  • Nuati Group is developing new products and technologies, including a solution for collecting particles from brakes and a progressive wear detection sensor.
  • The company’s future vision involves staying proactive, adapting to market trends, and providing the best solutions to customers.

You can learn more about NUADI Group on the company’s website.

Brian Hagman
Brian Hagman

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