Bosch USA: Interview with Dr. Mark Phipps

Welcome to another episode of the Coffee Brake Podcast, the official podcast of The BRAKE Report. In this interview, we’re joined by Dr. Mark Phipps, Director of Engineering for Bosch USA’s aftermarket brake division. Dr. Phipps shares his expertise on brake materials and their modern evolution, especially focusing on the resurgence of drum brakes in the context of electric vehicles (EVs).

We’ll touch upon the distinctions between disc and drum brakes, the impact of varied brake materials on performance and sustainability, and delve into how EVs and autonomous vehicles influence brake design. Bosch’s innovative role in these advancements will also be highlighted.

For aspiring engineers and automotive enthusiasts, this episode offers a deep dive into the world of brakes. Join us for an insightful discussion.

You can listen here or feel free to download on most popular podcast platforms including Apple and Spotify.

Click here to learn more about Bosch USA’s aftermarket business.

Brian Hagman
Brian Hagman

Brian Hagman is founder of Hagman Media, with platforms including The BRAKE Report, The EV Report, and Self Drive News. Brian is also President of Hagman Search, a specialized recruiting firm supporting organizations in the Braking, eMobility, and Automated Driving segments.