Optimizing Trailer Operations with ZF

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ZF‘s new trailer telematics solution integrates advanced brake and tire pressure monitoring systems with SCALAR’s telematics, enhancing uptime, performance, and cost efficiency for trailer builders, rental companies, and fleets.

Key Highlights:

  • Comprehensive integration: Combines OptiTire TPMS, Trailer Electronic Braking Systems, and the trailer Operating Data Recorder.
  • SCALAR cloud platform: Connected via SCALAR EVO Pulse for real-time data insights.
  • Regulation compliance: Adheres to GDPR (EU) and UN ECE regulation R141.
  • Operational benefits: Enhances production processes, customer service, and trailer designs.
  • Fleet management: Optimizes fuel efficiency and driver effectiveness.

ZF’s Commercial Vehicles Solutions (CVS) division has introduced a new trailer telematics solution designed to improve uptime and performance while reducing costs for trailer manufacturers, rental companies, and fleets. This innovative solution combines various advanced systems into a single, integrated package. The offering includes ZF’s OptiTire Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS), Trailer Electronic Braking Systems (TEBS and next-generation iEBS), and the trailer Operating Data Recorder (ODR), all connected through ZF’s SCALAR cloud platform via the SCALAR EVO Pulse connectivity device.

Designed to comply with the latest GDPR (EU) and UN ECE regulation R141, ZF’s trailer telematics solution generates higher levels of efficiency through real-time, data-enriched operational insights. Trailer OEMs and fleet operators can enhance performance and reliability, leading to improved production processes, better customer service, and more efficient trailer designs. Fleet managers benefit by optimizing fuel efficiency and driver effectiveness.

Christiaan Verschueren, Vice President Trailer Solutions, stated, “Drawing on ZF’s nearly five decades of experience in developing trailer technologies, we continue to innovate through our smart components, digital solutions, and services that support trailer builders, fleet operators, and leasing companies. By being able to access technical data relating to the performance of their trailers, manufacturers can further enhance their designs to develop more robust and reliable trailers for their customers.”

Hjalmar Van Raemdonck, Head of Digital Solutions at ZF, added, “This package leverages ZF’s competences in advanced trailer components and combines them with our digital capabilities to create a solution that offers many advantages for both trailer OEMs and fleet operators. By linking the system components via our SCALAR cloud platform, they become interconnected assets that improve efficiency and reduce costs.”

Constancio Villodre, CEO of Parcisa, a Spanish manufacturer of stainless steel and aluminum road tankers, welcomed ZF’s new trailer telematics package. He said, “Under the name ‘Parcisa Connect,’ the new connected trailer solution allows customers to remotely control their entire fleet, thanks to a suite of data and tools that will facilitate their planning and routing, improve their service time management, their communication with drivers, while enabling eco-driving and obtaining accurate diagnostics.”

This innovative solution from ZF demonstrates a significant advancement in the digitalization of trailer operations, providing a comprehensive and efficient tool for improving trailer performance and management.

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