NYAB System Earns AAR Approval

Source: New York Air Brake announcement

WATERTOWN, N.Y. – The DB-60 II™ with Brake Cylinder Maintaining™ (BCM™) – a state-of-the-art brake control valve developed by New York Air Brake LLC (NYAB) – has gained a key industry distinction. In November, the Association of American Railroads (AAR) upgraded the BCM feature from conditional to unconditional approval, making NYAB the only supplier granted full approval for the technology.

NYAB’s BCM is a patented brake control valve feature that improves braking performance by replenishing air pressure when a leak occurs in the brake cylinder. The technology allows freight cars to stay in service longer by maintaining brake cylinder pressure.

Unconditional approval from the AAR represents important validation from a leading industry regulatory body. Typically, after a new technology is developed in the laboratory and proven in controlled field tests, the AAR will conditionally authorize a prescribed quantity of units for use in revenue service. Additional units are authorized to be put into service on the condition that the units meet or exceed performance standards.

“One hundred thousand DB-60 II control valves with BCM are now in use, performing flawlessly,” said Vince Moore, NYAB senior product line manager. “There has not been a single control valve failure due to the Brake Cylinder Maintaining feature on the DB-60 II.”

Introduced in 2015, the DB-60 II with BCM is built on the proven platform of NYAB’s landmark DB-60™ brake control valve. The BCM design preserves brake pressure at unprecedented levels for greater stopping power, increasing safety. Braking stays reliable – with 85% of effective braking effort that would otherwise be lost to leakage. This means rolling stock runs better, longer, and more safely – including in the coldest weather and on long downgrades.

“The BCM™ feature is the biggest improvement in air brake control valve technology in 30 years,” Moore said. “It helps reduce downtime, lower the life cycle costs/total cost of ownership of freight cars, and increase profitability for operators. The DB-60 II™ with BCM is yet another demonstration of the expertise and innovation that goes into all NYAB components, which are engineered to perform safely, reliably, and profitably on heavy-haul freight railroads.”

The DB-60 II with BCM is available worldwide in all AAR markets. DB-60™ control valves without BCM can be retrofitted with the feature.

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