Meritor Facility Produces 100 Millionth Brake Shoe

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PLAINFIELD, Ind. – Meritor has produced its 100 millionth brake shoe at a facility in Plainfield, Ind., which has been remanufacturing and manufacturing brake components since 1999.

The Plainfield site is said to be responsible for nearly half of the aftermarket brake shoe sales in North America, making Meritor the largest supplier of brake shoes on the content.

The facility has 250 employees.

“The 100-millionth brake shoe is symbolic,” explained Gene Evans, site manager. “It represents stability, quality and years of commitment to Commercial Vehicles in North America.”

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“It’s amazing how many hands touch each brake shoe throughout the manufacturing and distribution processes. This is a milestone for each employee in Plainfield, as well as the greater Meritor team. The support of team members and fleets has led us to this exciting moment,” explained Eric Coffman, senior product manager.

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