Hyundai Mobis brake for full autonomous driving

Source: Pulse News

Seoul – Hyundai Mobis Co., the auto parts unit under South Korea’s Hyundai Motor Group, said it has developed a redundancy or back-up braking system tailored for autonomous driving which works in case of brake failure to compensate for human failures.

The new safety system represents a major step toward level four or five full autonomous driving that requires little human intervention, as it provides more system reliability when braking or steering fails, the company said.

The new system consists of two electronic braking devices, a software platform and a unit that controls them. If the main brake fails or does not operate normally, the controller detects the problem and orders the back-up brake to work, according to the company.

The redundancy braking system combines the company’s advanced steering and braking technology with its information and telecommunication expertise. Hyundai Mobis said it is the first to successfully test the system in passenger cars.

The company is examining commercial applications of the system to next-generation production cars from Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors.

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