Frasle Mobility To Showcase Green Brake Tech at EuroBrake

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From June 17 to 19, Frasle Mobility will participate at EuroBrake Congress in Germany, one of the world’s leading technical events for the braking industry. Representatives from the company’s engineering and product development team will present one of their research and innovation projects focused on decarbonization.

During the technical session of scientific paper presentations, the study on the use of inorganic binder in railway brake shoes as a replacement for phenolic resin—a significant component in the carbon generation within the friction materials production chain—will be detailed. The research led to changes in the manufacturing process and product formulation, which has been in the market since 2023.

The substitution has resulted in a significant reduction in carbon emissions, as the petroleum-derived resin was eliminated from the formulation, and a production process with lower energy consumption was developed. “As a result of our work, we were able to reduce the product’s carbon footprint by 43%. With the success of the study, which resulted in a relevant technological patent for the company and which we are presenting for the first time at a global event, we are already working on expanding the decarbonization to other products and manufacturing processes,” highlighted Alexandre Casaril, Director of Engineering and OEM Sales.

About Frasle Mobility

Frasle Mobility is a Brazilian multinational company specializing in sustainable mobility solutions. Known for its strong presence in the auto parts aftermarket and OEM components supply, Frasle Mobility offers high-quality products and renowned brands. The company develops integrated service and product solutions for motion control.

Global Presence:

  • Locations: Brazil, United States, China, India, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Mexico
  • Facilities: 10 industrial plants, nine distribution centers, five commercial offices, two technology and development centers
  • Reach: Serving customers in over 125 countries across five continents
  • Product Range: More than 14,000 auto parts solutions

Since 1996, Frasle Mobility has been part of Randoncorp, working alongside the Randon Technological Center (CTR) and NIONE, a pioneer in nanoparticle technologies. The company also supports social transformation through the Elisabetha Randon Institute and scientific research via the Hercílio Randon Institute.

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