Ferrari Stradale Brakes Create an Impact

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FIORANO MODENESE, Italy — Chris Perkins recently posted an article on Road & Track’s website about the braking capability of the new Ferrari SF90 Stradale. The title of the piece sums up his feelings about the hybrid supercar and why we believe it is a story the braking community should read: “Why the Brakes Are the Most Impressive Thing About the Ferrari SF90 Stradale.” The following are bits and pieces excerpted from the article:

Of all the mind-blowing things about the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, it’s the brakes that got me. Or to be more accurate, the braking system, because being a hybrid, regenerative braking from the electric motors helps slow the car down in concert with pad and disc. Of course, this sort of “blended” braking is nothing new in the world of hybrids, but the way Ferrari manages it is astonishing.

When you hit the brakes in an SF90 Stradale beyond 124 mph, you get a combination of traditional friction braking and regen from the rear electric motor, which sits between the engine and transmission. But as you dip below that 124-mph threshold, the car starts to blend in regen from the front motors in favor of the rear motor. The truly astounding thing is that you can’t feel any of this happening.

In fact, I didn’t think about regenerative braking once while lapping the SF90. I sat down with Marco Carnà, vehicle dynamics engineer for the SF90, to look over the data from my lap; he was the one who pointed out what was happening under braking. Depending on a number of factors, the car is constantly tweaking its blend of regen from front and rear motors and pad-meets-disc. And all of this happens without any upset to the car’s balance or any change in feel from the pedal. Essentially you hit the pedal and the car stops hard, lap after lap.

To read the entire article, click HERE.

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