EB+4.0: Be Safe and Secure

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Source: Haldex announcement

LANDSKRONA, Sweden — Haldex’s new EB+4.0 for heavy duty trailers now provides parking brake safety and security features.

New hardware EB+4.0 includes redesigned solenoids that are smaller, more robust but lighter than before. In addition, the system is also lighter, as it is now constructed from engineering-grade polymer.

Four different versions are available: a basic EBS (electronic brake system) with two modulators and two-wheel speed sensors with no emergency brake override; a basic EBS with emergency brake override; a premium EBS with two additional electrical interfaces, which can be extended to eight sensors and four modulators; and an additional modulator, which is used to map larger systems. As standard, EB+4.0 comes in a 2S/2M configuration suitable for fitment to three-axle semi-trailers.

The system can be extended up to 8S/4M, consisting of one master, two slaves and up to eight wheel-speed sensors. Such configurations would be suitable for a 10-axle low-loader.

For road trains, an additional EB+ CAN Hub block linking two EB+4.0 systems is also available.

The system has been in development for seven years. Some 150 pre-production units are being made available to trailer-builders for type approval; it already has a high-profile by one of the big trailer builders in Europe.

Electric Parking Brake Controls

EBS systems, such as Haldex’s current EB+ Gen 3 system, rely on solenoids (to control pressure modulators) in a central valve bank that respond to electronic signals to either increase or decrease air pressure in an air brake circuit to either apply or release the brakes.

Its EB+4.0 system maintains that design for service brakes, and, thanks to a new optional valve bank, extends electronic control for the first time to the parking (spring) brake side of the double-diaphragm brake actuator.

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This allows much better control of the airflow of the parking brake and through the electronic control we generate added value by increasing the safety for the operators. Previously, connecting the red Suzie coil between truck and trailer would automatically release the parking brake if the red knob of the park and shunt valve is not activated. Now, the system provides additional control of that process, via the EBS ECU (electronic control unit) and an extra solenoid valve.

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