Easyrain AIS Can Mitigate Aquaplaning

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Source: Easyrain announcement

RIVOLI, Italy – The Easyrain AIS (Aquaplaning Intelligent Solution) is the first system capable of effectively countering aquaplaning, a dangerous phenomenon and annually causes thousands of accidents.

The system, a result of the partnership Easyrain, Bosch and Italdesign, has just completed testing on a production car on a test track.

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Thanks to a controlled water jet injected ahead of the front wheels, the system is able to restore the grip of the tire and the control of the vehicle, breaking the excessive layer of water on the asphalt that the tires cannot dissipate.

AIS, characterized by a hydraulic system consisting of a pump and two foldable injectors, is activated thanks to the Easyrain DAI (Digital Aquaplaning Information), the proprietary activation software. The virtual sensor recognizes the onset of aquaplaning, instantly informing the system.

“I’m very proud. The new tests are a historic result: AIS is ready and mounted on a production vehicle,” Giovanni Blandina, Easyrain Founder & CEO, said. “I thank the work teams, starting from my guys. A fundamental and obligatory milestone for continuing to industrialize the system. A step forward for improving safety in the automotive world.

“Our system solves a dangerous issue and so far without solutions. Saving lives is our vision, the reason we exist. Knowing that it is possible to do so is a source a deep responsibility but also of great pride, inspiration and joy.”

“We are glad of the collaboration with Easyrain and Bosch on this amazing project,” said Antonio Casu, Italdesign CTO. “It shows once more the power of networking: our respective engineering teams, in Italy and Germany, together have achieved amazing results. The highly innovative contents of this project aim to further improve the safety of our cars for the future.”

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“Cooperation has been essential to achieve the project’s goal,” stated Alessandro Fauda, Engineering Development Manager at Bosch VHIT. “The Bosch subsidiaries VHIT and Bosch Engineering, in collaboration with Tecnologie Diesel and Centro Studi Componenti per Veicoli, are supporting the project development, from the concept phase to the test drive. A very good example of cooperation and collaboration and, in this critical period, was not so easy.”

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