Continental Outlines Company Focal Points

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Source: Continental announcement

HANOVER, Germany – “Continental is keeping its targets firmly in sight, particularly during the [health] crisis,” Continental CEO Dr. Elmar Degenhart said at the technology company’s 2020 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, which was held virtually in Hanover.

As the crisis persists, Continental will be resolutely continuing the realignment of the company initiated in 2019 and will be adjusting its financial structure to the decrease in global vehicle production.

Continental is focusing on three areas of technology: digitalization; assisted and automated driving, with autonomous driving based on this concept; and emission-free drive systems.

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“Because we have committed to innovation at an early stage and are pursuing it with vigor and purpose, we are and will remain a pioneer in the industry,” said Degenhart.

Continental technologies are geared toward competitiveness and future viability, and thus support sustainable growth.

“Our heart beats for a healthy mobility ecosystem,” explained Degenhart. “This is a system in which all three key requirements are balanced: ecologically, economically and socially.”

The solutions developed by Continental pave the way for this by enhancing environmental protection and supporting carbon neutrality, by placing an emphasis on affordability and by facilitating personal mobility for individuals.

“This huge task starts with us. As early as this year, we will buy electricity only from verified renewable sources for all our plant locations worldwide,” said Degenhart, outlining the company’s roadmap. “By 2040, our production will be carbon-neutral and by 2050 we will eliminate CO2 emissions in all the stages of our value chain.”

The entire announcement can be viewed by clicking HERE.

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