Continental Launches Cold-Weather Brake Fluid

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Source: Continental announcement

SCHWALBACH, Germany – The technology company Continental is supplementing its portfolio of ATE brand brake fluids for the automotive aftermarket with a new premium product in OE quality – ATE Super DOT 5.1. Combining a high wet boiling point with excellent flowability (viscosity) even in very cold operating conditions, this brake fluid is a state-of-the-art technological product.

“More and more leading car manufacturers are either using DOT 5.1 class brake fluids or are about to use them,” said Johannes Both, the program manager responsible for hydraulic brake products at Continental. “We have responded to this market change at an early stage in our product range for the automotive aftermarket, ensuring that independent workshops will always have manufacturer-recommended brake fluids available.”

Workshops can now order ATE Super DOT 5.1 from wholesale sources. All Super DOT 5.1 container sizes have the new ATE brake fluids design, which will be gradually introduced on all brake fluid containers.

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Setting new technological standards

The new premium brake fluid from ATE sets technological standards. It combines a high wet boiling point of 180°C and outstanding viscosity at very low temperatures, something that previously available brake fluids could not achieve.

With a maximum of 750mm²/sec. at -40°C, the viscosity values of ATE Super DOT 5.1 even exceed those of ISO Class 6 – well above the specifications for DOT 5.1 class brake fluids. This is why “Super” was added to the product name.

Thanks to its low viscosity, ATE Super DOT 5.1 enables driving safety systems to react quickly even in extremely cold conditions. The high wet boiling point ensures the best possible functionality under high brake loads – and also a longer replacement interval, because ATE Super DOT 5.1 only has to be changed every three years.

ATE Super DOT 5.1 complies with international specifications. It is available in the familiar metal cans in 1-, 5- and 20-liter sizes. Important: ATE Super DOT 5.1 is a glycol ether-based brake fluid. It must never be mixed with silicone-based DOT 5 class brake fluids.

Workshops get a complete system from one source

Continental recommends that brake fluids always be changed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions – and that the brake fluid recommended by the OEM is used. The technology company provides a complete system for workshops from a single source, ranging from high-quality brake fluids to testing & service equipment and disposal systems.

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