Canada Tightens Railway Brake Inspection Rules

Canada is taking another step towards safer railways, with new rules announced by Transport Minister Pablo Rodriguez targeting train brake inspections. These changes, effective December 1, 2025, prioritize cold-weather performance and apply to both freight and passenger trains.

Stricter Inspections for Heavy Trains in Winter:

To address potential issues on steep slopes during cold months, the revised regulations mandate stricter air brake inspections for heavy trains. Railway companies must develop and submit specific procedures for such inspections, ensuring compliance with the new requirements.

Strengthened Maintenance for Brake Cylinders:

The changes also encompass periodic maintenance protocols for air brake cylinders, further bolstering overall brake safety. This builds upon earlier modifications implemented in May 2023, which included enhanced regular inspections and requirements for a winter operating plan.


“We’re committed to modernizing and addressing any safety risks in Canada’s rail system,” said Minister Rodriguez. “These changes make trains safer than ever before, especially during winter.”

Quick Facts:

  • These rule changes address a Transportation Safety Board recommendation following the 2019 Field, BC derailment.
  • Companies must comply with regulations and rules under the Railway Safety Act.
  • Transport Canada monitors compliance through audits and inspections.

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