Budweg Caliper Introduces Multi-Kit for Comprehensive Brake Caliper Repairs

Denmark – Budweg Caliper, a leading remanufacturer of brake calipers, is introducing a new product to their line of repair kits. The Multi-kit is a comprehensive solution for repairing brake calipers, containing all the essential spare parts in one convenient box.

This new product will be available for 55% of Budweg’s entire range of brake calipers, including the most in-demand models. This means that the 500 Multi-kits that will be available will be able to cover 88% of all personal vehicles in Europe.

These new multi-kits are now available for purchase and can be found in TecDoc, the leading online catalog for automotive parts, as well as in Budweg’s own catalog. This new product is an excellent solution for mechanics and repair shops looking for a convenient and efficient way to repair brake calipers.

About – Budweg Caliper is a leading remanufacturer of brake calipers, known for its high-quality products and commitment to innovation. They have been in the industry for many years and have built a reputation for providing reliable and durable brake calipers for many vehicles. In addition to their brake calipers, Budweg also offers a range of repair kits and spare parts to help make brake caliper repairs easier and more efficient. With the introduction of its new Multi-kit, Budweg continues demonstrating its dedication to providing innovative solutions for the automotive industry.


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