Brembo Showcase Recent Advances at Shanghai Show

SHANGHAI — During the recent Brembo 2023 press conference held at the Shanghai Auto Show, event, the company showcased its leading intelligent braking system SENSIFY, high-end brake solutions, cutting-edge braking technologies, Revelia e-commerce platform and its new brand identity, all in accordance to the theme of this year’s show “embracing the new era of the automotive industry.”

Pioneering intelligent braking system SENSIFY™

SENSIFY™ combines the Brembo’s best-in-class braking components design, digital brain and sensors to enable independent control of each wheel’s braking action, which effectively improved the handling, performance and driving confidence of the vehicle.

The leading intelligent braking system is an ecosystem capable of interacting with the rest of the vehicle’s intelligent devices, offering the drivers exceptional driving pleasure and total safety, marking Brembo’s transformation from a product supplier to a solution provider. SENSIFY™ won a Gold Award of the chassis forward-looking category for its extraordinary strength, on the occasion of the 7th Lingxuan Awards, namely China Automotive Parts Industry Award.

High-end braking solutions

Brembo leads the world in the design and production of high-performance braking systems and components for top-flight manufacturers of cars, motorbikes and commercial vehicles, Brembo is also a leader in the racing sector.

In addition to F1 and MotoGP racing brakes, Brembo also showcased solutions including calipers, brake discs and other products exclusively customized for several OE partners, the cutting-edge braking technology of international high standards to safeguard the drivers, offering them with exceptional driving pleasure.

Revelia-Brembo e-commerce platform

Brembo launched eCommerce platform Revelia in China in 2021, offering a seamless experience to Chinese consumers who want to enjoy Brembo products, customer service, brand culture and lifestyle.

In just 2 years, the Revelia product offering has become more and more abundant, and now covers a variety of aftermarket products in the automotive and motorcycle sector, allowing consumers to choose brake discs, brake pads, calipers and brake fluids freely.

Further information about Revelia can be found by clicking HERE.

Brembo unveiled its new logo

Brembo presented the new visual identity and brand image in 2022, the new logo is simple, modern and digital, captures Brembo’s future-focused attitude with slim lettering that reflects so well Brembo’s transition from a mechanical to a mechatronic company.

Particular care has been taken to ensure the design speaks to younger, digital-native generations – meaning Brembo will continue to remain a timeless brand.

Guided by its strategic vision – “Turning Energy into Inspiration” – Brembo’s ambition is to reshape the future of mobility by inspiring the innovation with cutting-edge, digital and sustainable solutions.


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