Brake Types You Should Know About

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FRANKFORT, Ky. – Imagine you take a drive on a highway going roughly 65 miles per hour. Imagine while making this commute, you notice light traffic ahead. Because of this, your foot pumps on the brake pedal to slow the car down. However, nothing happens. The speed of your vehicle is still going 65 miles per hour, and the cars ahead are seemingly closer. What will happen next? Chances are the possible outcomes are not so promising.

This type of situation can happen when a car is without a proper brake system. When it comes to brakes in a car, we often take them for granted. They are always there, and we expect them to work still, however many of us don’t take the necessary time to check on them routinely and make sure they are always in tip-top shape.

When you really think about it, how much do you genuinely know about brake systems and how critical they are? Did you know there are different types? Today we are going to take time to explain the different types of systems and why they are so important.

Common Brake Systems You Should Know About

When it comes to a brake system, the are many different parts. It can get quite intricate. While they may be a bit overwhelming, they are necessary to ensure the car stops no matter the various circumstances or road conditions. The last thing you want is a car accident because your system was lacking. 

Here is a look at the most common brake systems:

Electromagnetic brake system

This style of the brake is becoming more and more popular with cars today. This system is unique because it uses an electric moto that is a part of the vehicle. It is used to help the car stop. They can be seen in most hybrid vehicles. They use an electric motor that charges the batteries, and they also have regenerative brakes.

Hydraulic brake system

This type of system involved a master cylinder. This acts as a reservoir of hydraulic braking fluid. It is held down by different metal pipes and rubber fittings that are attached to the wheel’s cylinders. There are pistons that are located on the drum brakes or band that applies pressure. The pressure pushes the pistons apart, which forced the brake pads into the cylinder. This makes the car stop.

Frictional brake system

This brake system is the most popular in cars. They are found in two forms, which include shoes and pads. The name is pretty straightforward. The system uses friction to stop the vehicle from moving. Usually, there is a rotating device with a secondary pad and a rotating surface. Typically, when the pedal is pushed, the shoe will constrict, causing it to rub against the rotating drum. The rotating firm with shoes will then expand and rub on the inside of the drum.

There are also other braking systems that you should be aware of. And the remainder of this post with its hypothesis can be read by clicking on this sentence.

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