Brake Disc Splash Panel Offered by Herth+Buss

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Source: Herth+Buss Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co. KG announcement

HEUSENSTAMM, Germany – It is a generally well-established fact that brake discs and pads have to be replaced regularly depending on wear and that TÜV testers look at the functioning of the brake system.

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Less focus is often placed on the splash panels attached behind the brake discs, also known as laminations. They protect the suspension and brake components from moisture, dirt, heat and other particles that are thrown up during travel, such as brake dust.

They are also used to protect the ESP sensors.

If the splash panels on the vehicle are in an inadequate condition, for example if they are heavily affected by rust, this can also be criticized during the main inspection. However, this is not a significant defect. On the other hand, vehicle owners in Austria have to take note, as this is sometimes more stringently penalized in the recurrent assessment of vehicles there according to the information that the parts specialist Herth+Buss has.

Parts specialist Herth+Buss now offers the brake disc splash panels in its Jakoparts range. Further information and the parts which are suitable for particular vehicles can be found in the parts specialist’s online catalogue.

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