Bosch Elevates Iasi Tram Safety

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Bosch Engineering is revolutionizing public transportation safety in Iasi by equipping the city’s entire tram fleet with the Tram Forward Collision Warning (TFCW) system. This initiative, aimed at enhancing the safety of tram drivers, passengers, and other road users, involves installing advanced collision warning technology and training tram operators. Scheduled for completion in the summer of 2025, this project marks a significant step towards modernizing Iasi’s public transportation infrastructure.

Key Highlights:

  • Innovative Collision Warning System: The TFCW system assists tram drivers in critical situations through sound and visual alerts, enhancing overall safety.
  • Advanced Technology: The system comprises a multipurpose camera, radar sensor, and rail control unit, which work together to monitor and detect obstacles on the tracks.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: The system is being integrated into eight different tram types, including older models, requiring individual adaptation for smooth operation.
  • Global Success: In use worldwide since 2017, the TFCW system has proven effective in diverse conditions, such as fog, rain, and darkness.
  • Collaboration with Iasi City Hall: Bosch Engineering, acting as a tier 1 supplier, is responsible for delivering, installing the system, and training tram drivers.
Bosch Elevates Iasi Tram Safety

Safety in public transportation remains a significant challenge for modern cities, especially in dense urban traffic where inattentive road users pose considerable risks. Iasi, an emerging center for innovation and modern infrastructure, aims to improve road safety through advanced technologies. The City Hall of Iasi has partnered with Bosch Engineering to implement this cutting-edge safety system, reflecting the city’s commitment to enhancing public transport safety.

“We are thrilled that Iași has opted in favor of our system and that we are contributing to greater road safety,” says Heiko Mangold, head of the rail technology business field at Bosch Engineering GmbH.

The TFCW system’s effectiveness lies in its three main components. A multipurpose camera monitors the tracks and detects objects such as pedestrians, vehicles, and cyclists. A radar sensor enhances detection capabilities under challenging conditions like fog, rain, and darkness. This sensor also processes information from the camera, verifying and comparing it with parameters such as speed and distance. All data converges in the rail control unit, creating an interface between Bosch components and the tram’s systems, facilitating easy retrofitting even in older tram models.

If there is an imminent collision risk, the system issues visual and acoustic warnings to the driver. In an advanced stage, the system can automatically brake if the driver does not react in time.

The integration of this system into eight different tram types, including older models, presents a unique challenge, as the system must be tailored to each tram type to ensure optimal functionality.

For more information, visit Bosch Engineering.

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