Bendix Air Dryer a HDT Top 20 Product

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Source: Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems announcement

AVON, Ohio – Bendix’s air-drying technology for commercial vehicles has gotten smarter: It can increase its drying capacity to provide more dry air when needed, optimize energy use for increased efficiency, and monitor air consumption for diagnostic purposes.

These functions, all built into the recently released Bendix® AD-HFi™ Air Dryer with Electronic Air Control (EAC), have earned the AD-HFi recognition as one of the top 20 products of the past year as determined by Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT) magazine.

Bendix launched its AD-HFi Air Dryer with Electronic Air Control in September 2021 as an enhanced version of the leading-edge Bendix® AD-HF® air dryer, introduced in 2020. The AD-HFi air dryer incorporates a solenoid-operated valve that replaces the traditional mechanical governor.

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The electronically controlled governor, using Bendix’s Electronic Air Control software, increases the product’s air-drying capacity depending on the vehicle’s needs, can match its charge cycles against more favorable engine energy states, and tracks ongoing usage and performance of the air dryer’s regeneration cycles.

The Bendix AD-HFi is available for order through several major North American commercial vehicle manufacturers.

“We’re thrilled that the standout innovations built into our Bendix® AD-HFi™ air dryer have earned it wide industry recognition from Heavy Duty Trucking as a Top 20 Product for 2021,” said Richard Nagel, Bendix director, marketing and customer solutions – Aftermarket and Air Supply. “The AD-HFi air dryer can automatically increase air drying capacity when needed, save vehicle energy use, and diagnose the condition of the air system. Together, these features can help both vehicles and maintenance operations maximize their efficiency.”

Responsive Charging and Regeneration

The AD-HFi air dryer’s solenoid-operated valve works in tandem with Bendix’s Electronic Air Control software, which monitors a range of data broadcast across a truck’s J1939 network, including speed, engine torque, and RPM.

Instead of two fixed setpoints for charging and regeneration, as is standard with a mechanically controlled governor, the AD-HFi is able to regulate and modify its charge cycle based on air system and engine demands. The dryer does this using a patent-pending technology called Interrupted Charge Regeneration, through which it can command additional short purge cycles if the software determines the air system requires extra drying capacity.

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“The software-controlled system that commands the AD-HFi air dryer provides for enhanced drying capacity when needed, such as for a vehicle with multiple trailers or extra axles,” Nagel said. “And because the dryer can command additional short purge cycles in these situations, it provides significantly more dry air throughout the vehicle’s air system.”

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