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Brake systems are a central component in both autonomous-vehicle engineering and advance driver assistance systems, ADAS

STRADVISION unveiled a new concept to expedite OEM development

STRADVISION Passes Million-Unit Milestone

SEOUL — STRADVISION announced a significant achievement: its groundbreaking deep learning-based vision perception technology, SVNet, has exceeded the 1-million-unit milestone in cumulative commercial production since its 2019 introduction. As an industry pioneer in deep learning-based vision perception technology, STRADVISION initiated…

NODAR unveiled a new ADAS product at IAA Munich 2023

NODAR Unveils ADAS Product at IAA

SOMERVILLE, Mass. — NODAR, the leading provider of next-generation stereo vision technology for autonomous vehicles (AVs), yesterday at IAA Mobility in Munich announced a new capability within its Hammerhead™ product line called GridDetect, which offers long-range object detection and tracking…

Two U of M experts say rewards outweigh risks for AVs

UM Experts: AVs are Worth Risks

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Recently there has been a lot of controversy concerning autonomous vehicles (AVs) in California. The robotaxis have been involved in accidents, blocked traffic and brought forth protests from unions about the potential to eliminate human jobs.…

Phantom Braking

Using Neuroscience to Stop Phantom Braking

EAST LANSING, Mich. – Recently, when customers began complaining that their vehicles with driver-assistance technologies (ADAS) were “phantom braking” or slamming on the brakes without any visible obstacles present, researchers at Michigan State University (MSU) wanted to learn more about…

Oxa and Beep partnering to spread Beep AVs throughout the U.S.

Oxa, Beep Partner on AV in U.S.

LAKE NONA, Fla.– Beep Inc., provider of autonomous shared mobility solutions, and Oxa, the autonomous-vehicle (AV) software developer, announced a partnership to deploy vehicles driven by Oxa’s self-driving software product, Oxa Driver, as Beep continues to advance its testing and…