Automated Driving a ZF Focus at Auto Shanghai

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Source: ZF announcement

SHANGHAI – ZF will use Auto Shanghai (April 21-28) to demonstrate a variety of automated-driving systems, including the launch of OnGuardMAX, its most advanced emergency braking system for commercial vehicles. The system will make its debut on Chinese roads.

According to ZF, “the technology can identify and – if necessary – react precisely to a broad range of moving and stationary objects, including vehicles and pedestrians. OnGuardMAX can support the driver reliably in a variety of dangerous driving situations while helping to effectively reduce the risk of accidents.”

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Answering the increasing demand for improved vehicle efficiency and reduced CO2 emission to support global sustainability, ZF will introduce OptiPace, a Predictive Economical Cruise Control system (PECC) that can anticipate and adapt the vehicle’s most economic speed based on the road topography ahead to help minimize fuel consumption, brake pad wear and emissions.

The Autonomous Driving Open Platform Technology (ADOPT) offers an efficient and flexible industry model for the development of autonomous driving applications for commercial vehicles. It translates instructions from the autonomous driving artificial intelligence into real vehicle motion commands by enabling the control of all relevant vehicle actuation systems.

Cost-effective Automated Valet Parking solution

ZF is currently developing the first valet parking system globally that enables driverless parking relying only on the vehicle’s sensor set and being independent of a pre-mapped parking garage infrastructure.

At Auto Shanghai 2021, ZF will demonstrate Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (vSLAM) technology to the public that enables Centimeter-accurate localization and real-time map generation. The sensor set is mainly based on one front camera, one front radar, four surrounding cameras and twelve ultrasonics but scalable with more advanced sensors as well as connectivity.

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“The entire system is developed in China and will have its debut at a Chinese car manufacturer at the end of 2022,” said Renee Wang, President of ZF China and Senior Vice President Operations for the Asia-Pacific region. “We believe that this infrastructure-independent automated valet parking system from ZF will be a cost-effective solution for many global OEMs.” The company will also launch the next generation of its ZF ProAI autonomous driving computer, which it says is suitable for any vehicle type and for all levels of automated or autonomous driving: from Level 2 to Level 5. ZF ProAI will go into serial production by 2024

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